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We received a logo for G-test passers from the Japan Deep Learning Association.


The Deep Learning Association is an organization established in 2017 to connect deep learning technology to Japan's industrial competitiveness. Professor Matsuo (University of Tokyo), who is very famous for deep learning in Japan, is the chairman.

Today, we received a G-test passer from the association. The G test tests whether you have the knowledge to utilize deep learning in your business. Since this is the third time, we will be able to provide a safer, safer and higher-performance artificial intelligence system by being able to grasp the overall picture of deep learning technology through the G test at an early stage

We are developing our business centered on establishment requests and AI / IoT system development. AI / IoT systems are researching and studying technology every day with a strong desire to spread deep learning technology and improve the world by offering reasonable prices.

I have a lot of sales data and image data, but if you don't know how to use those data, please feel free to contact me at any time. We have a lot of experience in developing artificial intelligence systems that cost hundreds of thousands to two million yen, so please let us know your concerns.


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