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Kingdom: More than an Anime

I watched a Kingdom anime on Netflix. Even though I'm busy with work, I think I was able to take advantage of my commuting time by car and bath time to see it to the end. The background of the anime is the Qin Shi Huang era (around 250 BC) in China. The main character is a boy named Shin. It depicts the path to becoming a general with desperate efforts, honest heart, and humble feelings rather than the body of a servant. There were many characters, and each person was full of individuality, and the way of life that adhered to my beliefs was very inspiring, and I received a lot of emotion and energy. After the appreciation was over, I remembered the actions and lines of the main character, and the most memorable one was the conversation between the main character, Shin and Masa (later to become Qin Shi Huang). "A person's life does not belong to anyone. It is his own. But a person has a way. How to use that life is the way."

This line can be interpreted from a different angle to me. The company does not belong to the founder or officer. A company, like a person, was born because it always has a mission. The most important property of a person is "life = time". The most important property of a company is "people". It is the management's responsibility to decide how to use the company's most important assets. If you make a mistake in management decisions, you will be reminded of how heavy the responsibility of the manager is when you think that the property of the company = the loss of human life.


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