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Artificial Intelligence Workshop 1st

After the verification phase of artificial intelligence, the number of companies considering actual introduction and inquiries about introduction are increasing. Since most of the development results of HACHIX are analysis and prediction using time series data, we held a workshop to apply image processing with AI in order to improve technical capabilities.

First half: Information sharing ・ P employee: Using MRI images of the brain, the brain judges that the price is high and low. Introduction and sharing of research on algorithmism.

・ D (outside person): Introduction of pattern recognition of time series data T Employee: Introduction of cases where AI is actually introduced

・ T employee: Introduction of cases where AI is actually introduced

Latter half

  1. Building a system that recognizes and counts products using three cameras Platforms and libraries to use Pytorch Library that recognizes and counts products: Yolo (You Only Look Once) We are grateful to the members who participated in the workshop despite Sunday. The development of the project is also busy, but looking to the future, we will continue this activity from here on. This activity can be participated not only by HACHIX employees but also by outsiders, so please contact us if you are interested.


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